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P.Oslo III 144 (inv. 591)

Background and Physical Properties

7.7 x 27.2 cm.
Publication side:
Verso, the Recto is published as P.Oslo III 183
Palaeographic description:
The text is written on the verso of the papyrus.
State of preservation:
Medium brown papyrus, 1 cm. left margin, torn at the right side. The top margin seems to have been 4 cm, but it is damaged so that the first line is lacunose. Breaks off at bottom.


May, 272-275 A.D.
Unknown place, province of Egypt
Title / Type of text:
List of contributors to the association of hieronikai
List of hieronikai who have contributed to their association.
Games List Names Associations
Named people:
Aurelianus Augustus, emperorNeilos Pammenes Ammonios, bapheus Ammonios, son of Sarapas Philosarapis Sarapammon Heras Syros Theodoros Eros Papontos Demeas Ploteinos Hippeus Souchammon Laskarios, son of Souchammon Phainole, daughter of Harendotes Hierax, son of Epimachos Papontos Diogenes Kephalon Achilles Stephanos Pausanias Sarapion Nemesion (?)
Named places:
Seryphis Hypsele Arsinoite nome (?)
English translation:
List of contributors [to the association of] game winners in this present x year of Aurelianus Augustus. They are: The Aurelii Neilos the carpet weaver, Pammenes the perfume-seller, Ammonios the dyer, Ammonios son of Sarapas the dyer, Philosarapis the goldsmith, Sarapammon the bronze smith, Heras the oil-seller, the sons of Syros the baker, Theodoros son of Sakaon, oil producer, Eros from Seryphis who lives in Hypsele, Papontos the carpenter, the son of the wine-merchant Demeas from the Arsi[noite?], Plotinus living in the house of Hippeus, Souchammon the agent, Laskarios the baker, son of Souchammon, ............the dyer/the fuller?, ......son of ... -os the embroiderer, los, ..........son of Phainole daughter of Harendotes, Hierax son of Epimachos former exegetes, Papontos in Kerk..................., ...idios son of Diogenes [the huckster?], the son of Kephalon the agent/attorney/estate manager of Achilles, ...dros, former exegetes, [Ste]phanos the purple dyer, ...ris son of Mono... the agent, the son of Pausanias from Pa..., ...mes son of Sarapion, ...chis son of Nemesion (?), ...................., ..................., ...seller of ... , .... ....
Oxyrhynchos, Oxyrhynchite nome, province of Egypt
Purchased by L. Amundsen from Ali Mahmud, Behnasa, April 5, 1928
Acquisition year:


  • Eitrem S-Amundsen L, P.Oslo III, 1936, 144
    ▾ Corrections:
    • P.Oslo III (1936) p. 279 (l 18.32)Kreucher G, APF 44 (1998), p. 274 (date)

Further Literature

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