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P.Oslo II 35 (inv. 563)

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Background and Physical Properties

11.3 x 24 cm.
Publication side:
Recto, the Verso is blank
Palaeographic description:
State of preservation:


425 A.D.
Oxyrhynchos, Oxyrhynchite nome, province of Egypt
Aurelius Germanus, son of Gaianus
Title / Type of text:
Lease of land
A document from Aurelius Germanus to the Aurelii ---nius and Theodoros, stating that he is willing to lease some land from them, under specified terms, for one year.
Lease Land ownership
Named people:
Aurelius ---nius Aurelius Theodoros Aurelius Germanus, son of Gaianus Theodosius, emperor and consul Valentinianus, emperor and consul
Named places:
Oxyrhynchos Oxyrhynchite nome
English translation:
The 11th year after the consulship of our lord Theodosius and the consulship of our lord Valentinianus, the eternal Augusti, Phaophi 9. To the Aurelii ....nius and Theodoros, the most splendid .... of the splendid and most splendid city of Oxyrhynchus, from Aurelius Germanus son of Gaianus from the village ... in the Oxyrhynchite nome. I willingly undertake to lease from you for the present year only until the sowing of the tenth indiction the property belonging to you in the arable area of the same village ...rous Harmel..., measuring two arourae and a half, 2 1/2 arourae, the annual tribute being 8 artabae of wheat and 14 artabae of barley measured by the measure used in public granary, 8 artabae of wheat, 14 of barley. The wheat will be new clean unadulterated withour lumps and barley, shifted. The rent will be subject to no risk whatever and to no ruin (corruption of deterioration). The lease is valid, cleanly written in one copy, and having been asked, I agree. (2nd hand): I, the aforementioned Aurelius Germanus son of Gaianus have leased the aforementioned land for the present year and I accept the terms here stated.
Oxyrhynchos, Oxyrhynchite nome, province of Egypt
Bought from natives of Behnasa, 28.3. 1928. Part of a joint purchase of Columbia, Michigan, Princeton and Oslo universities
Acquisition year:


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