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P.Oslo II 18 (inv. 311)

Background and Physical Properties

P. Mich. inv. 160
6.5 x 27.5 cm.
Publication side:
Recto, illegible traces of writing on the Verso
Palaeographic description:
The hand is a regular professional cursive typical of the second century A.D. (TC) It is the same throughout both fragments. Rashly copied out of the official minutes of court trials for use in another case it shows faults of orthography which no doubt are due to the copyist and not to the original.
State of preservation:
The papyrus, broken in antiquity in the foldings on the left side (which has proved fatal to the script), was mended on its back with strips of papyrus. The missing top part of the papyrus is P. Mich. inv. 160. Between the two fragments one or two entire lines are lost.


February/March 162 A.D.
Theadelphia, Themistou meris, Arsinoite nome, province of Egypt
Ptolemaios, son of Dioskoros alias Dioskoros
Title / Type of text:
Report of legal proceedings
Copy of minutes from a court trial. Latter part of a petition addressed to Harpokration, strategos of the Themistes and Polemon divisions of the Arsinoite nome, in 162 A.D. by Ptolemaios, son of Diodoros alias Dioskoros, a resident of Theadelphia.
Administration Court proceedings Justice Law
Named people:
Kanopos, son of Dorion, rhetor Munatius Petepeithes Aelius Antoninus Aelius Verus, emperor
Named places:
English translation:
Concerning these matters, Kanopos, son of Dorion, advocate assisting Petepeithes, said: 'I affirm that there has been no such agreement. Our contention is simple: Your son was my client's agent; he stole certain things; produce him.' Munatius said: 'I understand nothing of what you are saying. For even if that one (the son) were taken as a murderer, his father ought not to be held responsible.' Kanopos, son of Dorion, advocate, said: 'Let him state on oath that he did not agree to produce his son.' Munatius said: 'Why do you hold this man illegally and bring him into court and demand an oath from him?' I, Ptolemaios, have submitted this petition. Year 2 of Aelius Antoninus and Aelius Verus, Caesars, our lords, Phamenoth.
Theadelphia, Themistou meris, Arsinoite nome, province of Egypt
Purchased by S.Eitrem in Egypt 1920
Acquisition year:


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    SB: XIV 12087

Further Literature

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