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Editions of unpublished papyri

The unpublished part of the papyrus collection of the Oslo University Library includes some literary and para-literary fragments and a great amount of Ptolemaic, Roman and Byzantine documents.
Volume IV of Papyri Osloenses will include editions of 44 fragments from the unpublished part of the collection.
Editor: Anastasia Maravela (

P.Oslo IV

Tentative table of contents:

(1) P.Oslo inv. 1544: Homer Iliad 1.68-75 (II AD).

(2) P.Oslo inv. 299: Fragment from a treatise on empirical medicine? (II AD).

(3) P. Oslo inv. 1545: Three fragments from a geometric treatise or exercise (I AD).

(4) P.Oslo inv. 1432: A literary text? Nine fragments from a papyrus codex (IV AD).

(5) P.Oslo inv. 551: An order to cut an inscription (including the text to be inscribed on it) (II AD).

(6) P.Oslo 1612: Literary prose? (I AD).

(7) P.Oslo inv. 43: A Byzantine protokollon.

(8) P.Oslo inv. 1659 + 1658: Two fragments about a hieroglyphos.

(9) P.Oslo inv. 1514: Business letter (II BC).

(10) P.Oslo inv. 1513: Two long lines from an invitation (III BC).

(11) P.Oslo inv. 1043: A private letter dealing with family matters (late III/ early II BC).

(12) P.Oslo inv. 1469: Registration of clerouchic land in the Arsinoite (II BC).

(13) P.Oslo inv. 1498: A receipt concerning payment of rent in connection with lease of land in the vicinity of the village of Philoteris in the Arsinoite (3 BC).

(14) P.Oslo inv. 1520: A fragment about cultivation of land (III BC).

(15) P.Oslo inv. 787: Lower part of a doc. concerning lease of land with a note on back side (AD 7).

(16) P.Oslo inv. 1491: Cancelled document concerning loan of money (AD 26).

(17) P.Oslo inv. 1521 Reports on taxes farmed in three villages of the Oxyrhynchite (AD 45). On the back: another tax register.

(18) P.Oslo inv. 1129: Contract concerning sale of land in the vicinity of the village Talei, Arsinoite (II AD).

(19) P.Oslo inv. 1522: Fragment from a census register (late I/ early II AD).

(20) P.Oslo inv. 1178: Inventory list (II AD).

(21) P.Oslo inv. 488: Letter on business matters (II AD).

(22) P.Oslo inv. 1042: A doc. about liturgical duties (AD 168/9).

(23) P.Oslo inv. 1126 + 1134: Petition mentioning the prefect of Egypt T. Flavius Piso (II AD).

(24) P.Oslo inv. 1265: A tax receipt (AD 198).

(25) P.Oslo inv. 1201: Fragment from a tax receipt (II AD).

(26) P.Oslo inv. 1456: A contract between a current and a former gymnasiarch (reign of Antoninus Pius).

(27) P.Oslo inv. 1237: An acknowledgement of debt with Demotic subscription (II AD).

(28) P.Oslo inv. 1215. Copy of an imperial edict from the reign of Septimius Severus and Caracalla (AD 198-209).

(29) P.Oslo inv. 1452: A sheet from an account of expenses (late II/ early III AD).

(30) P.Oslo inv. 1331: Fragment from a customs house register (late II/ early III AD).

(31) P.Oslo inv. 943: A list of (Jewish ?) names (III AD).

(32) P.Oslo inv. 594: Identification slip (III AD).

(33) P.Oslo inv. 1530 + 1542: Fragment from a synallaxis contract (Oxyrhynchus; III AD).

(34) P.Oslo inv. 1415: An official doc. concerning guarded transportation of goods (late III/ early IV AD).

(35) P.Oslo inv. 1422: Letter from Aurelius Euporos to a ducenarius concerning maintenance of baths (Oxyrhynchus; IV AD).

(36) P.Oslo inv. 1132: A register of taxes in kind bound for Alexandria (IV AD).

(37) P.Oslo inv. 778: Report of legal proceedings (IV AD).

(38) P.Oslo inv. 15: Fragment from a lease on hypotheke (VII AD).

(39) P.Oslo inv. 366: A private letter (VI/ VII AD).

(40) P.Oslo inv. 1643: A memorandum about financial matters (late VI/ early VII AD).

(41) P.Oslo inv. 15: Fragment from a lease on guarantee (VII AD).

(42) P.Oslo inv. 1463: Conclusion of a Christian recommendation letter with subscriptions (IV AD).

(43) P.Oslo inv. 1490: A text with Christian formulary (V AD).

(44) P.Oslo inv. 1481: A business letter between Christian correspondents (V AD).

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