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Editions of unpublished texts from the collection

The unpublished papyri in the collection include a modest number of literary and paraliterary texts, mainly in ancient Greek, and a significant number of documentary texts of various types in ancient Greek and in Coptic, that shed light on the life, culture and society in Egypt during the Ptolemaic, Roman, Byzantine and early Arabic period (ca. 300 BCE - 700 CE). 

A team of papyrologists coordinated by Prof. Anastasia Maravela (Dept. of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo) is working towards producing editions of select, unpublished papyrus texts from the collection. Editions consist of a normalized transcription of the text accompanied by a translation in English. An introduction situates the text edited in a context (e.g. a known archive or with a literary genre) and explains its contribution to scholarship, while a set of explanatory notes deal with specific issues of interpretation. The texts edited shed new light on Classical literature and its circulation in Egypt during the Greek and Roman period as well as on social, cultural and political aspects of life in Egypt from the Hellenistic to the early Arabic period.

Planned volumes:

  • Papyri Osloenses IV, ed. A. Maravela (with contributions by others).
  • Papyri Osloenses V, eds. A. Maravela & J. V. Stolk (with contributions by others).

For detailed information on the texts edited contact Prof. Anastasia Maravela (E-mail:


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